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The 'lite' web hosting package is suitable for businesses and individuals looking to host websites that need a reliable and powerful hosting package without the complication.

web hosting
Price paying yearly is £18.99 - Order 'Lite' Web Hosting Package

web hosting
FREE Domain Name Transfer
We transfer all .co.uk, .org.uk, ltd.uk and .me.uk domain styles for FREE! All other domain name styles are charged at the their applied rates for the number of years stated which include the naming fees. Learn More
Unlike many other web hosting company's we do NOT charge a set up fee.

web hosting
Quick & Easy Set-Up
New accounts are quick and easy to set up with no complications if you need help simply get in touch.
Your choice of either a Windows or Linux Server
You can choose whether your web space is set up on a Windows or Linux Server.
200MB Webspace
You receive 200MB reliable webspace based in state of the art servers located in the UK.
1000MB Visitor Bandwidth
Bandwidth (data transfer) is a measure of the amount of data transferred by your Website. Each time your site is accessed data is transferred across the Internet, our transfer limits are high, less than 1% of our customers exceed them. Data transfer can be monitored via your control panel If we cannot host your Website due to high bandwidth we will refund the entire hosting fee.
Server Control Panel
The server control panel is a web based interface which puts you in complete control of your hosting solution. You have full control over the following;
Configure email accounts and autoresponders
Install CGI scripts
Password protect directories of your web site
Configure Microsoft FrontPage extensions
View graphical statistics on your site's visitors
Set up and manage database
Change passwords
Submit technical support requests
NO Adverts or Banners
We do not advertise on your web space at all.
Average 99.8% Up Time
We guarantee 99.8% uptime on all our hosting packages.
24/7 FTP access
We give you FTP access to your account 24 hours per day 7 days a week via any (ISP) connection you like, allowing you to upload and make changes to your website any time you like.
Multiple Domain Aliases
You can have multiple Domain pointed to your hosting account so for example you could have mydomain.co.uk and mydomain.com pointed to your website.
Mirrored back up
We mirror your website on a separate disk in order to protect against disk failure.
(SSI) Server side includes
Server Side Includes enable the addition of dynamic elements to your HTML web pages. Automatically insert dates and file information as well as calling external programs such as hit counters.
Custom Error Pages
Customer Error Pages are fully supported.
(Unix Only)
FREE transfer away
Unlike some web hosting providers if in the unlikly event you wish to transfer your domain away to another company there is no charge for this.
Front Page Basic Support
Microsoft announced that they would be discontinuing FrontPage and published a new product roadmap for FrontPage users.This means that Microsoft won't create new versions of FrontPage for you to use on your own computer, and they won't create new versions of the "server extensions" for Web hosting companies. As such we can no longer offer front page extensions, but you can still use front page and upload via ftp. Some functions of frontpage will however not work.

web hosting
10 POP3 e-mail accounts
You can configure up to 10 individually password protected mailboxes which can be accessed using a mail client such as Microsoft Outlook, or accessed via webmail, the choice is yours.
Email lists
Send emails sent to one address to multiple email addresses.
10 e-mail forwarders
You can forward email send to your domain to any internal or external email address.
10 e-mail auto responders
This allows you to have a pre-configured e-mail message that is sent automatically form one of your POP3 accounts when an e-mail is received.
View/send and receive e-mail online, even if you our away from your home or office.
Catch all e-mail
Any email to your Domain can be collected and fed into one e-mail account (eg. anything@yourdomain.co.uk).

web hosting
CGI BIN installed
Your account has its own CGI-BIN, allowing you to install and use your own CGI scripts.
Free CGI Scripts
There are a number of CGI scripts offered free of charge which you can install automatically using the CGI Scripts page located in your control panel.
PHP scripting support
PHP is a powerful scripting language ideal for the creation of dynamic, data driven web sites.
Perl Support
Perl scripts are fully supported

web hosting
ASP, Perl, CGI, SHTML and IHTML scripting support
Our Windows 2003 servers have full support for ASP, Perl, CGI, SHTML and IHTML as standard and .net can be installed if required.
DSN-less connections
Offers quick, easy access to a variety of databases.

web hosting
On this package you get 1 MySQL Database. MySQL is a powerful database engine designed to provide fast access to stored data. MySQL is very fast, reliable, and easy to use. It enables easy database creation and administration. You can add additional databases to your account at any time. MYSQL is the open-source standard for databases and is ideal for web applications based on our Linux Servers.
PHP My Admin
PHPMyAdmin is a powerful web based tool to allow complete control over your MySQL database..
CGI, C, Perl AND Python scripting support
Your account is equipped to run PHP, SHTML and Perl CGI scripts with its own private cgi-bin, enabling the addition of interactivity to your site. A number of easy to use CGI scripts including form-to-email, guest book, bulletin board and counter can be installed at the touch of a button whilst your own or commercial scripts may be uploaded for ultimate flexibility.

web hosting
Com Web Hosting Support
We provide 100% free after sales support to all of our customers, via online help desk.

web hosting
.NET Framework - £25 per year:
If you choose Windows as your platform, you can create sophisticated web applications, with ASP.NET, the latest web development platform from Microsoft.

Password protection - FREE: (Linux Only)
You can password protect areas of your Website and webspace. This can be achieved without any scripting and is controlled by a server control panel giving high security and a professional image to visitors.
SSL Secure Server - £20 per year
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) allows a secure communication channel to be set up between the server and your customer's browser. Once this connection has been made, information, like credit card numbers, can be exchanged with no chance of a third party intercepting the data

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