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The top 7 Tips to Consider When Choosing Your Domain Name

Maybe you are starting a new business, and you want to take it online, or you have an already existing company/business that you wish to take online. Either way, you will need to pick a domain name that will help you establish your online presence. Domain names usually have a massive impact all over the web, and at COM Web Hosting we want your business to succeed, so we have provided some tips to assist you in choosing the most suitable domain name for your business or brand.

Avoid numbers and hyphens

Figures and hyphens are not good for your domain name. In most cases, numbers are misunderstood. For example; people who hear your site don't know whether you are talking about a numeral (5) or its spelling (five). Other people tend to misplace or forget about the dashes in your domain name. If you must use numbers and hyphens in your domain, then it is advisable that you register different variations to stay safe.

Make it a brand

You should make your domain name a brand. Make sure that when people hear or read it, it sounds like a real brand. This explains why you should avoid numbers and hyphens at all costs because they don't sound like a brand. They sound strange and generic. Think of something unique and exciting that is going to stick in the memory of your clients or customers.

Make use of keywords

You should try to make use of keywords that describe the key specialisation areas of your business. People tend to search keywords. You should try to avoid generic words as much as possible. The keywords should be broad in nature. In more recent years, Google has been biasing away from the exact match and partial match domains. The focus is shifting to the anchor text that you get from people linking to your domain for help. If you can mention a keyword in your domain which talks about the key areas of your business, then you should go for it.

Target your local area

Think about the coverage area of your business before settling on a given domain name. For example, if your company covers your local city, you should consider including the name of your town or state in your domain name. The main reason is to make it easy for your local clients to find and remember you. You can have something like

Your domain name should be short and pronounceable

Additionally, the length of your domain name matters. It affects the processing fluency. Therefore, the fewer characters your domain name has, the easier it is to pronounce and type. It also becomes easy to share it on social networks and ranks top among search results.

Avoid breaching trademarks

Conduct an online research to make sure that the domain name you are selecting hasn't been trademarked or copyrighted. You should also make sure the domain name is not being used by any other company. If you pick your domain name blindly, you may land in a big legal mess that may end up costing your business a lot of money plus your domain.

Choose the domain name extension appropriately

Extensions refer to the suffixes that are added at the end of your domain names such as .com or .net. Some extensions have specific uses that you should know about. Make sure that you select an extension that fits your business. The most popular extension is the .com. if you decide to settle for a .com extension, you may encounter challenges in picking a short and memorable domain name because the extension has been in existence for a long period.

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