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What is cloud web hosting? What are the benefits?

Understanding what cloud web hosting is doesn't take a professional's technical knowledge and once the basics are understood the benefits are easily identifiable.

Cloud web hosting versus the traditional

Everybody who uses a computer knows the machine they use has a number of programmes stored on it and that the size of its memory is significant. When it comes to creating and maintaining a website, domestic computers are not enough. The website has to be hosted on a dedicated server.

Buying space on a server for a website means financial outlay and a significant amount of restrictions. The more bandwidth – the digital term for capacity – that a website needs, the more space it takes up on the host’s server. This becomes expensive, and limitations on how much of the server’s capacity can be used at any time by a hosted website must be applied.

With web hosting based in the cloud, the website is not confined to one server as host, and many limitations are lifted. This has significant benefits for website owners who need flexibility and freedom from the limitations of traditional web hosting servers.

In the simplest terms the cloud is a digital area created by a number of computer servers linked together through an enormous digital network. Imagine a large group of computers all connected to each other. No one machine has the burden of storing all the programmes and data needed to power a website.

Because the cloud is not contained within a single machine, or even limited to one cloud – or network – of machines, the room for expansion as a website increases its traffic is virtually unlimited.

Benefits of cloud web hosting

Reliability - If a single server breaks down, any website hosted on it also goes down. This is not an issue with cloud-based hosting.

Expansion – As a business grows, its website will draw more visitors and increase in content such as graphics and multi-media displays. Traditional servers are limited in their capacity and may not be able to meet demand for expansion; if they can, it will be costly.

Quality maintained – With traditional servers, the speed and quality at which a website functions can be affected by increased use due to the restrictions placed upon it by the server. With cloud based hosting this does not apply. Increased capacity can be accessed much more easily.

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