What are the benefits of shared web hosting

Shared web hosting is defined as a process that allows for several websites with the ability to reside on a single server connected to the internet. The services costs are amortized among the users pushing down the expenses that in other instances would be significantly high. This is the first and principal benefit of shared hosting. In the UK market, shared hosting can go as low as 99p per month to £14.95 a month and higher according to your personal requirements.

Web sharing as aforementioned involves a number of users and there may be a withstanding perception of users not having enough power to be unique so as to attract their tech-savvy clients. However, despite the single server, all websites are managed by their own webmaster; consequently, with the use of control panel tools the users are allowed to customize their websites as desired.

For example, a starter web hosting package with us will cost £4.99 monthly payment and it consists of a number of features chief of which are the 1 GB web space, 50 mailboxes, 24/7 helpdesk support, and 1 click install for WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. This is adequate power which allows the upload of highly graphic featured material that allows significant customization. Additionally, the bandwidth allows the website owners run their businesses in an efficient manner. For instance, the starter package with all the above-mentioned storage as well as bandwidth features only allows hosting of 10 subdomains.

Usually, there is the robot animation as well as an apology message that appears when a website is undergoing service or is having a glitch that makes website owner sick to the stomach. There is no investor who is happy when his or her clients are inconvenienced due to technical web server issues. All web servers are susceptible to crashes – that’s why it’s important to have an expert team on hand, available at any time to deal with such instances. When using shared hosting options, your websites are managed by professional technocrats on a 24 hours seven days a week basis, and because this team is managing many more clients than a private server support team, this essential, included service becomes much more affordable.

Some highly intensive rich media sites or very high traffic sites will benefit from a private server or VPN, but for a majority of business’s needs, shared hosting is more flexible, more straight forward, and more affordable.